A personal account of going on a mission trip to honduras after high school

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Christian Mission Trips

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EM offers Christian mission trips for youth, college students, families and adults. Don't wait—sign up for a U.S.

or international mission trip today. Funding for Honduras Mission Trip, Mary Esther, Florida. 46 likes. This page's purpose is to raise money for a Honduras mission trip. Funding for myself. The OSM Center Names Fairfield County High School Student Athlete Scholarship Winners (Posted on: August 15, ) TRUMBULL, CT (August 15, ) – The OSM Center recently announced the Fairfield County High School Student Athlete scholarship winners.

Honduras Mission Trip. Honduras is the second-biggest country in Central America. This Spanish speaking country is rich in history. This is a 3 out of 5 in difficulty due to it being Spanish speaking and also the US state department travel advisories.

Jedidiah Jenkins is a travel writer, entrepreneur, and Instagram personality.A graduate of USC and Pepperdine University School of Law, Jenkins began his professional career with the nonprofit Invisible Children, where he helped orchestrate multinational campaigns.

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A personal account of going on a mission trip to honduras after high school
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