Accounts receivable and inventory management

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Accounts Receivable and Inventory Financing

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Accounts Payable - AP

It might mean you have a particular problem. Accounts receivable management is part of a general policy for the management of current assets aimed at expanding the volume of sales of products, optimizing the overall size of this debt and ensuring its timely collection.

Cloud based solution for Accounting, Inventory, Taxation with GST, Analytics, Time and Cost management. When doing a financial consolidation, financial data from different companies need to be combined in a single “consolidation” report.

As the data that need to be consolidated are often based on different Chart of Accounts (COA), the question arises how ledger accounts from different COA’s can be combined into a single consolidation report.

Accounts receivable and inventory turnover are two important ratios in the current asset category. We will also discuss the key industries that benefit from a thorough understanding of these ratios.

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Find out what is the difference between accounts payable and accounts receivable and how is it important to a balance on both.

Accounts receivable and inventory management
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