Career path of an accountant

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Accountant Resume Sample

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Four Accounting Career Paths

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Internal auditor: career path and qualifications

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Careers in Accounting

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Accountant Career Path – Accountant Average Salary

Accounting Career Paths If money is the language of business, then no one speaks it better than accountants. "The accounting function is the backbone of the financial markets," says Lisa Young, a partner at Ernst & Young in New York City.

Career Path of an Accountant. Accounting features three broad career types: public accounting, industry accounting and government accounting.

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Accountant supervisors/managers supervise the entry-level and senior accountants.

Accountant: Career Path & Qualifications

They are responsible for the planning and approving of accounting practices, including the audit program, internal control procedures, operational budgets and business financing.

Job Responsibilities. Most forensic accounting positions require at least one to three years of accounting experience. Many Forensic Accountants obtain this experience by working as a general accountant.

Learn about the education, practical steps, and experience you’ll need to become an Accountant.

Career path of an accountant
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Career Path - Forensic Accountant