Comprehensive review in accounting

Managerial Accounting

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What is GAAP?

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To enable both corporate and public accountants to build upon experience and gain a thorough working knowledge of how to apply the latest GAAP and tax rules to complex situations.

Financial Accounting Review. Comprehensive review of the basic financial accounting principles.

Accounting Comprehensive Review

STUDY. PLAY. 6 Account Types. 1. Assets 2. Liabilities 3. Shareholder's Equity 4. Revenues 5. Expenses 6. Dividends Note: the 6 account types are in Financial Statement order. Assets. Income tax accounting overview – Identifying temporary differences and determining appropriate tax rates – Computing current and deferred taxes.

Comprehensive Program Review Report Program Review - Accounting Prepared by: Michael Skaff, Andy Hinojosa and Janell Spencer 9/ What are the strengths of your area?: Quality of Instructors.

Accounting Software

The Accounting Department currently has 3 full time instructors. The Northern Arizona University, Sales Team participated in the Southwest Regional Collegiate Sales Competition and came home with Gold!

The team of four students went to ASU and competed on their sales, professionalism, and product knowledge skills against teams from seven universities.

Comprehensive review in accounting
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