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Resource consumption accounting

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What Can German Cost Accounting Do for US Firms?

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Grenzplankostenrechnung or GPK is not a familiar phrase to most Americans. Given the general dissatisfaction with cost systems in the United States and the demonstrated success of GPK costing systems in German-speaking nations, perhaps it should be.

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There are many management accounting approaches, such as lean accounting and activity-based costing to name a few, and several critiques for all the approaches already available. 1 One such approach has seen interest in the US within the last decade Grenzplankostenrechnung (GPK).

GPK-Purpose GPK and other German cost accounting methods designed with the explicit objective of: supporting management decision making over which products/services to offer how to price those products and services how to plan and control operations →The “Controlling”department is typically separate and distinct from the Financial.

Gpk accounting
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