Precede proceed model

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The PRECEDE-PROCEED model applies a medical perspective to public health, even though its focus is health promotion, rather than treatment of disease.

Just as a medical diagnosis precedes treatment, the model assumes that a far-reaching diagnosis should precede a public health intervention. The Precede-Proceed model of health planning and evaluation, developed for the public health sector by a prestigious team led by Lawrence W. Green, is a model that is aimed at preventing disease.

precede-proceed model The PRECEDE-PROCEED model provides a comprehensive structure for assessing health and quality-of-life needs and for designing, implementing, and evaluating health promotion and other public health programs to meet those needs.

PRECEDE/PROCEED model is used in planning, implementing and evaluating behavior change program in order to promote and protect health. Purpose of PRECEDE/PROCEED model: It provides structural framework for developing behavior change intervention.

Behavioral Change Approach- PRECEDE/PROCEED Model November 21, Sandesh Adhikari Health Promotion and Education 0 Behavior is a characteristic of animal or human that can be observed.

Precede proceed model
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