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Auditing Cases, International Edition ISBN /by Michael C. Knapp /7E Y/Paperback – pp. Sarah Russell, Staff Accountant Tommy O'Connell, Audit Senior Avis Love, Staff Accountant Charles Tollison, Audit Manager Hamilton Wong, In-Charge Accountant David Myers, Controller Professional Issues HealthSouth Corporation National Medical Transportation Network Baan Company N.V.

Bio and contact information for Sarah Russell, Administrative Assistant of full-time MBA at the University of Utah David Eccles School of Business. Find out how to contact us, send us a message, locate the AARC executive office, meet the staff, and find us on social media.

Find out how to contact us, send us a message, locate the AARC executive office, meet the staff, and find us on social media. Sarah Vaughn Director of Business Development.

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Sarah develops and launches new product.

Sarah russell staff accountant
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