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About the Project

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Tough To The Core: Brawny® and Wounded Warrior Project®

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"Without Wounded Warrior Project, I would still be trying to transition from Sergeant Lisa Crutch to Lisa Crutch." - Lisa Crutch Wounded Warrior "You can't let something small like losing a limb stand in the way of achieving awesomeness!"-Bryan Wagner, Wounded Warrior.

"Wounded Warrior Project contacts alumni and family support members multiple times over the course of the year, we call each and every one of our alumni and family support members on their birth Founded: Sep 18, Improving quality of life has been the driving force behind Clark Realty Capital's successful public-private partnership with the Army to redevelop more than 2, homes at Fort Belvoir in Virginia.

Description: The mission of the Wounded Warrior Project is to honor and empower Wounded Warriors. Everyone’s recovery process is different and their goal is to help the Wounded Warrior find a program that fits both the needs of the Wounded Warrior and their family.

Wounded Warrior Project, Jacksonville. 3, likes · 37, talking about this. Like our page to help wounded veterans reclaim their lives. Wounded Warrior Project is a gigantic organization that has yielded a plethora of complaints from the veterans community.

Many vets have been critical that, despite hundreds of millions in revenue.

Wounded worrior project
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15 years later, Wounded Warrior Project still adding new members